Surplus parts

The list below contains parts that are not needed for the restoration. Primarily I prefer to swap with parts that are needed for the restoration (see PARTS NEEDED). However, I might also be willing to sell parts. The last part of the list contains parts that are not connected with German WWII aviation.

NOTE: Sale of WWII parts to customers outside Norway is dependent on export license granted by the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum. This is usually a formality that only slows down the process.


Ju 52, exhaust system, left engine, left side. Dent in exhaust outlet, otherwise in excellent condition.
Argus As 10, forward part of exhaust system. Several L/H and R/H side in serviceable condition.
Elektrischer Drehzahlgeber Fl 20285-1. Including attachment Fl 20285-2. In perfect as new condition
Cracked pistons from Argus As 10 C engines. They all originates from German WWII wreaks in Norway.
Damaged cylinder heads from Argus As 10 C engines. They all originates from German WWII wreaks in Norway.
Cooler from Ju 88. Damaged outlet on right hand side. The outlet on left hand side is slightly bent. A few minor dents on cooler, but the cooler is in good condition and most likely watertight. A corroded data plate has 29863 stamped on it. It is probably the Fl number. It also has 7/39 on it.



Grobhöhenmesser 0 – 10 km. (R. Fuess)
Fl 22316-10. In working condition

Regeler Gerät-nr. 19-5600A-5

Variometer 0 – 15 m/s

Fl 22427

Various bits and pieces.
Click picture for detailed view.
Circuit Breaker 6A
Fahrtsmesser für 60 – 550. Fl 22230. Probably in working condition.
Fahrtsmesser für 60 – 400. Fl 22233. Probably in working condition.
Part of Ruder Gehret from He 111. Siemens-Schuckert 27V DC / 36V 500Hz. In perfect as new condition except some external parts missing (on the lower part of the unit where it is attached to the Ruder Gehret unit).
Converter from He 111 produced by C Lorenz AG. Complete except main cover. Probably in working condition. Some surface corrosion. Worst areas seen on picture. No corrosion on backside.

Various parts from He 111. The black item is a Bosh magneto cover.



Fi 156, door. Top hinged (French version) in flyable condition except old fabric.
Oxygen bottle from He 111.
Tail wheel. Continental 560 x 200 tire complete with rim. Tire in excellent condition with no wear marks. Some corrosion on rim.
2 x Complete wheels for Storch 6.50 x 10
2 x Tires for Storch 8.50 x 10

2 x Tubes for Storch 8.50 x 10

Tail wheel rim for Storch (French)

Several brake disks (NOS)



Instruments and Radio Control Panels for trade or sale.